konwersatorium wiedzy o mieście

From 21st to 22nd of March 2013 there will 26th Urban Knowledge Conversatory held in The Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism Studies of University of Lodz. The main theme of Conversatory will be once again the gentrification processes confronted with social exclusion processes that is taking place in the Polish cities since the 90's.

The main purpose of the Conversatory will be:

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XXVIII Workshops on Geography of Tourism
"New - old forms of tourism in space"
SPAŁA 20th - 22nd of September 2012

Field Seminars "Workshop on Geography of Tourism" are cyclic conference organized continuously since 1984, bringing together researchers from different scientific disciplines involved in tourism. The conferences are organised by the Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism Studies, University of Lodz.

Theme of this year's meeting refers to changes in modern tourism due to the constantly growing and changing needs and expectations of tourists, which are synonymous with new and ever more specialized and unique form of tourism and new tourist spaces. The emergence of many new, different and original forms of tourism needs both the naming and clarifying. On the other hand, there are questions about the nature of modern tourism, which, since its inception has experienced tremendous transformation and diversity. In this situation, more and more scientists refers to the origins of this phenomenon, when there were two basic forms of tourism: leisure and cognitive.