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Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism Studies
Instytut Geografii Miast i Turyzmu

Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism Studies:

In 1970 established Postgraduate Studies in Tourism on the University of Łódź, one of the first in Poland. The main purpose of teaching was to prepare the high qualified staff for tourism and teachers interested in sightseeing, young tourism and guiding.

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In 1981 established the Department of Urban Geography and Tourism Studies within the Institute of Economic Geography and Spatial Organization of the University of Łódź, transformed to the independent Chair from the 1st January 1992.

Within the Chair were created: the Department of Urban Geography established and managed by Stanisław Liszewski, Department of Geography of Tourism, established and managed by Elżbieta Dziegieć, Department of Geography of Hotel Management established and managed by Andrzej Matczak and Department of Spatial Urbanization established and managed by Jolanta Jakóbczyk - Gryszkiewicz. Also the Regional GIS Unit have functioned within the Chair.

In the 1st June 2007 the Chair was transformed to the Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism Studies.

The research on tourism and settlement have been caried out in the Institute for 25 years. Also the education of experts for tourism, hotel management and town-planning has been providing. The Institute is the biggest scientific unit being engaged in the research on tourism in Łódź and one of the biggest in Poland. The present staff conditions, research subject matter and didactic activity developed for the last 25 years and determine today the important output of the polish urban geography and geography of tourism.

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